How to Boost YouTube Views 100% Working

How to Boost YouTube Views 100% Working
Hi all users, today We’re going to share a new youtube with you trick by which you can boost your YouTube views easily. This tutorial requires no extra knowledge or geeky experience that get yourself in the dark night of confusion and make the tutorial hard to get, this tut is so simple that even a noob can follow it. All you need to just read it and follow each steps as stated and we’re sure that by using this trick you can increase your views amazingly so lets end the intro here and get started.
Firstly you’ll need to download these :

Youtube Boosting Kit
Proxy List

Ok, so first you wan’t to load up your and find your video. When looking through your channel to find you video, don’t actually use that one. Click the actual video and then like always you’ll be taken the page itself with the video & youtube. Just copy the name and paste it into the youtube search. Then click on that and use that one. If that makes no sense at all, you need a link to look like this :

So, just copy that and you’ll be using that later. Make your way to the youtube booster file and find the application; “View bot bypass”
Simply just click on that and you’ll be approached by an application looking like this;
Simply just paste the youtube url into the Video Url: and then click start. Then go back to the folder. From there you want to click “Auto Youtube Viewer”
You’ll be approached by an application looking like this :
Just enter your Video URL and edit the settings like this :
This is where you’ll need your proxy list. To load your proxies follow these instructions :

1. Click Load Proxy List
2. Find where your proxies are saved (downloads)
3. Simply double click
4. Proxy list to look like this :

Now all you’ve got to do is click start and watch the magic happen. If you’d like to do other things while this happens, just click minimise to tray. The video views will start to stop at around 300, but if you do this for all your videos. This will increase your chances to becoming partnered (You need like 1k views daily – Easily done with this technique).
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